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How Local Business Listings Affect Your SEO

Several components make up a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, and each plays a crucial role in increasing your site’s organic rankings. Local business listings are one important component. Not only do local listings help customers find your business and contact information, but they can actually improve your site’s rankings on search engines. At BigPxl, creating and managing your business listings represents one key strategy of your overall SEO. Today, we explain how these local listings play into SEO.

What Are Local Business Listings?

Just as phone book listings were once key to having people call and find your business, people now turn to online directories to find business recommendations. There are several online business directories, including Google My Business (arguably the most important directory of them all), Facebook, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Superpages.com, YP.com, and more. The more directories your business’s name appears in, the greater your chance of attracting new customers. If your information is consistent across all directories, you can increase your organic rankings.

At BigPxl, we start our local listings focus with Google My Business simply because Google’s search engine takes up a lion’s share of overall internet searches in the world today.

Local Business Listings and SEO

Several factors contribute to your site’s ranking. Although keyword research, quality content writing, and blogging play an important role in SEO, Google also looks at the overall quality of your site and business. For example, slow loading times and broken links decrease the quality of your site and the legitimacy of your business in Google’s eyes. On the other hand, a site with few technical issues receives a higher quality score.

Local listings work in a similar way. The more your contact information appears in online business directories, the more legitimate your business becomes, thus increasing your rankings. But keep in mind that this information must be consistent across all directories. In every directory, your business must have the same name, phone number, and address. Simple misspellings or even misplaced punctuation can impact how Google views your business.

Adding photos and a business description also help your business with these directories. They should also link back to your company’s website.

Managing Local Listings

Managing local listings can be a time-consuming process. First, you need to add your information to as many directories as possible. Start with Google My Business and submit to any possible outlet where customers can find your information. Afterward, you should regularly check in and maintain your information on all directories. Remember that a few minor inconsistencies can impact SEO, so managing local listings requires constant attention. To save yourself the time, consider working with a digital marketing expert.

Local Listing Management at BigPxl

At BigPxl, we know that effective SEO requires a multifaceted strategy. We work to increase your relevance, authority, and legitimacy through all means possible. This is why we create, update, and manage all of your local business listings, in addition to optimizing your website through keyword research and content writing. To learn how our team can help your business rule the digital space, contact BigPxl today!

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