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Over 300 million people in North America engage with social media platforms every day, people are spending on average 144 minutes per day on social media, and 85% of people globally say they shop online. Social media is the primary place people give their attention to on a daily basis. If you want to be where your audience is, then social media ads are the means to attract their attention.

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Bell Management Success Story

Bell Management owns and manages several apartment complexes in Southwest Missouri and NE Oklahoma. Bell challenged BigPxl to increase the number of applications on four of their properties, and BigPxl’s team was up to the task! Combining the skills of our Paid Advertising Team and award-winning Creative team, since August 2019, BigPxl highlighted their properties and had over 1,100 people apply online, contact the property, or download the rental application!


The Right Ad In The Right Place

Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest each have strengths in reaching particular demographics. BigPxl will help you choose the right social media platform giving you the best return on investment.


Social Success For Any Business Goal

Whether your business is needing to increase brand awareness, educate people about your product or services, build leads, or make purchases, social advertising has specific campaigns able to maximize your advertising impact. BigPxl will take your budget and help you create a plan to effectively build relationships with your audience and lead them to take the desired action on your brand.


Targeted Audiences

Social media advertising provides the best tools to reach your audience and persuade through all stages of the buyer’s journey. By using targeted demographics, look-a-like audiences, remarketing efforts, e-mail lists, and more, social platforms have the tools to show your ad to the people who actually want to see it.


Customized Creative

Not all creative is made equal. Each social platform has its own creative style and marketing best practices. Our Paid Advertising team will partner with our award-winning creative team to create memorable, engaging content bringing a bigger impact to your advertising results and to your return on investment.

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