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Creativity, passion and vision. We combine these elements to make the perfect digital marketing company. Our experts effortlessly blend our knowledge and creativity to make your digital marketing dreams a reality. With experience across a wide range of fields, we make your company stand out from the rest of the digital jungle.

Jeff Sneed


Rick Morsovillo


Drew Owen

General Manager

Mackenzie Kirk

Director of operations

Kinsey Batten

Senior Consultant

Chris Bell


Jeremy Brookman


Ila Vandel


Mikayla Angeli

account strategist

Aaron Kozak

account strategist

Makensi Strong

Account Strategist

Mary Guccione

SEO/Content Manager

William DeLong

SEO Specialist

Shelbi Karki

SEO Specialist

Ivy Shelden

SEO Specialist

David Tibbles

Inbound/PAD Manager

Maddy Wiehe

Paid Ads/Inbound Specialist

Alex Solomon

Creative Director

Shane Knauth

UI/UX Designer

Hailey Meyr

UI/UX Designer

Lori Miller

UI/UX Designer

David Watson


Caleb Boydston

Technology Manager

Mark Hill

Senior Developer

Matt Giddings


Keatyn Garton

Junior Developer

Jen Jones

Senior Appointment Specialist


Work at BigPxl

BigPxl Independent Consultants

Jim Stiles

Independent Consultant

Darnell Suggs

Independent Consultant

Dave Roark

Independent Consultant

Jen Griffin

Independent Consultant

Walter Foss

Independent Consultant

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