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Geofencing is an advanced strategy that serves your prospective customers with targeted digital advertising based on their physical location. With BigPxl Geofencing, you can live-target customers near your business, event, or service area. You can even live-target customers near competing businesses.

BigPxl Geofencing is a powerful tool that places your business in the path of prospective customers at just the right moment.


Make Location Matter

Whether a prospective customer is walking by your storefront or scrolling by in an online search, it is critical that your business stands out in the right place at the right time. Let BigPxl help make location matter for your business. We can craft campaigns targeted to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to key locations, such as your business, your event, targeted regions, or even your competition’s front door.


Meet Your Customers Where They Are

BigPxl offers the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on geographic areas. Geofencing allows your business to meet customers where they are by providing digital advertisements that meet needs in real-time. Whether you’re selling ice cream, T-shirts, or luxury cars, BigPxl Geofencing ensures your business is there for your customers, where they are, when they need you.


Configurable Geofencing Technology

BigPxl generates dynamic and configurable maps customized to an advertiser’s campaign. Each user is matched 1:1 to a desired targeting zone. We also use conversion zones, the most powerful tool for tracking conversions in mobile advertising. They’re also great for event targeting and B2B conferencing to optimize your geofencing benefits.

We support bulk uploads of GeoJSON files to create geofenced shapes around public areas like political districts, shopping centers, street boundaries, municipalities, and more.


Outposition Your Competition

When a customer wants what you are selling, it’s important that your business is front and center — even when that customer is at your competition’s front door. BigPxl Geofencing allows you to outposition your competition with multi-dimensional targeting that utilizes location, day, time, demographic, and user history to most accurately position your business ahead of your competitors. Plant your flag anywhere with BigPxl Geofencing — even your competitor’s front door.
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Be There for Your Customers — Wherever They Are


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