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BigPxl is proud to help nonprofits help communities all around the world! We provide valuable services for nonprofit organizations, from digital advertising and website design to branding and video production.

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations must communicate clearly with their community, whether they are reaching out to those in need, encouraging volunteers to sign up and help out, or raising funds to carry on their good work. Ready to spread the word? BigPxl is ready to help!


Build Your Digital Presence

BigPxl is dedicated to helping nonprofits in our community and around the world. We have an amazing toolbox and a talented team who can operate as an integral extension of your organization. From your website design to your messaging campaign, a clear, cohesive digital presence can help you develop the resources you need to make a difference every day.


Make Use of Every Resource

We will help you tap into the many low- and no-cost resources for nonprofit organizations in the digital domain. For example, Google Ad Grants are an amazing opportunity for nonprofits to access $10,000 a month in free Google Advertising for an entire year. This money can be used to raise awareness, attract volunteers, promote fundraising, and many other purposes.


Strategize, Refine, Repeat

We begin with a strategy carefully crafted with data analytics, audience demographics, and the unique goals of your organization. But that’s just the beginning.

At BigPxl, we continually refine each strategy with iterative improvements to achieve pixel-perfect performance.


Partnership for Good

Many nonprofits lack the staffing to build an amazing website, manage an advertising strategy with a $10,000 monthly spend, deliver targeted fundraising campaigns, and produce high-quality video.

BigPxl is here to help, offering personal service and lasting partnership.
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Here to Help You Help Others


We will create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, custom-tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We will help you access the resources available to your nonprofit, so you get the maximum value for your campaign.

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