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Video is one of the most impactful ways to communicate your message to prospects while they visit your website. Online audiences tend to have short attention spans. BigPxl’s video production team collaborates with you to create engaging videos that leave an emotional impression with your users. The overall goal is to bolster your brand identity and present a clear message about your organization.

Pixel-Perfect Videos

Videos don’t have to be several minutes long to be effective. In fact, shorter videos engage most with viewers on social media and your website. BigPxl’s creative video production team shows up at your place for location shooting, records as much video footage as we need, and then we edit them into usable chunks perfect for posting on your social media platforms and as embedded videos on your website. We make videos pixel-perfect to convey your brand’s message to the world.


Comprehensive Video Production

BigPxl’s video production team takes care of every detail of the shoot. We bring the equipment we need, including lights, tripods, gimbals, and professional digital video cameras. Our job is to make you and your brand look fantastic. We also have audio recording equipment to capture your voice.


Indoors. Outdoors. Up in the Air.

You pick the location of the video shoot and we go there. Perhaps you want indoor videos showcasing your staff at work. Maybe you prefer highlighting a few employees walking along a sidewalk at a downtown location. BigPxl has a camera-equipped drone for beauty passes of your facility or a wide view of all your employees gathered in one place. If you dream it, we make the shot happen.


Creativity & Emotions

Creativity is an essential ingredient of effective video production. It’s not enough to put a video together – you have to make it create an emotional connection with your audience. The BigPxl video team doesn’t just offer professional-quality video production. We also have the ingenuity and innovation to creatively use your videos for brand messaging and digital marketing. In addition to making a video that resonates with your audience, we discover new placements that appeal to new audiences as part of our full-service digital marketing offerings.


Better Engagement & More Conversions

Professional videos from BigPxl lead to better engagement and more conversions with your website and social media. When you post the same videos across all of your channels, customers become more familiar with your brand and you increase your brand identity. A short video says so much more about your business than text alone. Our digital marketing team combines video with SEO to make your web presence more visible to potential customers and clients.
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BigPxl’s videography and video production bring your brand to life. We creatively get to the heart of your brand’s message and spread the word. Contact us to start the conversation.

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