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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the process of delivering the right message to the right customers at the right moment. Inbound Marketing at BigPxl provides a comprehensive, unified strategy that ties all of our services together towards a common goal — your success.

Value at every step in the journey.

Every Inbound Marketing partner we work with has a unique and varied buyer journey, and we are excited to explore and optimize yours.

We collaborate with our partners to determine the best content to deliver at each stage in the buyer’s journey.


Evaluation & Research

Our very first step as Inbound Marketing partners will be to ask a LOT of questions.

We’ll dive into your business, your competitors, vertical trends and conventions, and finally look at your unique sales cycle to create specific and achievable goals for our first quarter.


Onboarding & Development

Next, we’ll begin the process of custom tailoring the Inbound platform to your needs.

This process is unique for every partner we work with. The onboarding phase may include custom integrations, web development, buyer persona building, and journey creation, list segmentation, lead scoring, qualification metrics, and much more.


Creation & Analysis

Now the real fun begins! We’ll begin creating content for each step in the buyer’s journey, including ebooks, pdfs, guides, emails, landing pages, and more! But it doesn’t end there.

Real-time recursive strategy means we constantly analyze and adjust to see which content is performing and which is not. We’ll create evergreen content for strategically valuable domain positioning, carefully crafted to continue providing value long after your initial investment.


Optimization & Refinement

Optimization is an integral part of the Inbound process. We’ll fine-tune the delivery, the messages, the colors, the text, the timing — did I mention we LOVE diving into the details?

We’ll take a look under the hood and analyze how your users interact with your content. Do they tend to hover over a certain word? Is there too much content? Do 75% of users fail to scroll more than 15% of the page? This powerful data allows us to continually refine the buyer journey.
Digital Download

Download Our Guide To Inbound

Marketing and sales need to work together to help your business succeed, with inbound marketing, growth is just around the corner. Learn more by downloading our Inbound Guide.

no more funnels

The Flywheel

We don’t look at your business as a funnel. Because it isn’t.

We utilize The Flywheel Model of lead generation and business development. We believe that satisfied customers are your BEST advertising lever.

In The Funnel Model, customers are forgotten when they purchase and exit the bottom of the funnel. There is no effort to offer them value, interact with them, or leverage their satisfaction with your product.

In The Flywheel Model, we continue to develop and nurture both past and prospective customers with value and engagement. Creating opportunities for customers to reconvert and drive new sales is essential in an excellent Inbound Marketing strategy.

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