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Vibrant photography of your brand, organization, or company is crucial to developing a relationship with your target audience. Although some stock photography can work, you really need professional photos that convey the message of your brand to the world.

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

In our case, megapixels can be worth thousands of dollars to your company. People are visual. Customers form opinions about your brand through the photos and videos they see on your website and social media. BigPxl strives to capture the essence of your brand through fantastic, professional photography.


Sharp Images for Big Visuals

Photographs don’t necessarily have to be huge to be effective. They do need to look sharp. Smartphone cameras are great at capturing images of a moment or event, but you really need professional photos to create a great impression of your company. Think headshots, beauty shots of your property, pictures of your company vehicles, and tableaus of people at work.


Authenticity Is Essential

Customers buy products or services from genuine, authentic brands they can relate to. That’s the main reason why you need professional photography of your brand. Imagine a blog entry or social media post welcoming a new salesperson to your team. You want a great-looking headshot as well as a few action shots of the person to showcase your brand’s identity. The beauty of professional photos is that you can use them endlessly and across all aspects of your web presence.


Better Engagement & More Conversions

Professional photography from BigPxl leads to better engagement and more conversions with your website and social media. Customers are more likely to click on a product page when you post a photo of the actual product. The speed by which internet users make decisions is another factor at play here. People are more apt to click on an image rather than reading through a product or service description. Photography helps your target audience make the right decision.


Brand Storytelling and Immersion

Photography paints the whole picture of your brand’s story. Weave photos into your brand’s narrative on landing pages, blogs, and social media posts to create a cohesive story. Photos posted to your website can serve as gateways to conversion pages when they’re linked to URLs. This is especially important on mobile devices where text from your website can appear too small to read. A photo with a caption can create a quick way for someone to engage with your brand on a smartphone or tablet.
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Bring Your Brand to Life

in a Big Way

Professional photography from Big Pxl brings your brand to life. We take care of the details, such as the setting, equipment, lighting, and backgrounds. We work with you to enhance your brand portfolio with visuals that leave a fantastic impression with your prospects and customers.

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