How Local Business Listings Affect Your SEO

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Several components make up a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, and each plays a crucial role in increasing your site’s organic rankings. Local business listings are one important component. Not only do local listings help customers find your business and contact information, but they can actually improve your site’s rankings on search engines. At BigPxl, […]

Our Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

artificial intelligence concept with mobile device

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing – for now and in the future – is artificial intelligence. No, we don’t mean Terminators will start writing your blogs for you. But artificial intelligence does have the potential to improve your digital marketing efforts and make things easier for your web presence to stand out. […]

BigPxl’s Brief Guide to Keeping Your Website Secure

Cyber security concept for small business owner

No business owner wants to deal with a cyber-attack or cybersecurity breach. All companies, including privately owned businesses, need high-traffic websites to stay competitive in today’s market. One hacker or piece of malware could take down your website or do even more damage in a short period of time. Increased website security measures can reduce […]

The Surprisingly Long & Strange History of Digital Advertising in Video Games

Teenage girl playing video games on the computer

Video games have been around for a long time now. It’s taken over 30 years, but video games have gone from being a hobby that was often the subject of ridicule to a major player in mainstream entertainment (professional Fortnite players, anyone?). You would think that, with such a long span of time for the […]

Our Comprehensive Guide to Ethical Issues in Digital Marketing

Social issues and ethics in digital marketing – or traditional advertising, for that matter – represent an incredibly complicated part of your marketing campaign. Depending on what industry your campaign functions for, there you face many social, ethical, and cultural considerations to ensure your strategy appeals to your target audience without excluding or offending others. […]

Considerations for Your First Digital Marketing Meeting

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During your first digital marketing meeting, your consultant will listen to you and learn about your story, your business, and your marketing mission. Every company is different. We will be listening for unique circumstances, opportunities, and goals that are particular to your business. Your BigPxl consultant will identify strategic variables to create a customized plan […]

BigPxl Featured Project: Vixory

Our recent collaboration with the owners of Vixory included the full array of brand design, including a new logo, brand identity guide and website, and a whole lot of custom development. The innovative result is a unique platform where college athletes can build an online profile with their stats and highlights to be discovered by […]

BigPxl Featured Project: Al’s Pals

Al’s Pals Pet Place is a family-run supplier of gourmet treats and toys for your doggos and cats, based right here in Springfield. Made with real ingredients and no additional preservatives, Al’s treats are also available on a subscription plan so you can surprise your furry friends with something new to enjoy every month. At the […]

BigPxl Featured Project: American Sound

Have You Heard?: American Sound Has an Awesome New Website! For more than 40 years, American Sound and Electronics has been the hottest (and loudest) audio/video provider in the Cincinnati area of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. From the Cincinnati Bengals’ stadium to your home living room, American Sound brings the noise! Check out their hot […]