BigPxl Featured Project: Al’s Pals

Al’s Pals Pet Place is a family-run supplier of gourmet treats and toys for your doggos and cats, based right here in Springfield. Made with real ingredients and no additional preservatives, Al’s treats are also available on a subscription plan so you can surprise your furry friends with something new to enjoy every month.

At the heart of the operation is Alex, who, with the help of his father Brent, shares his big personality and love for pets with animal lovers all over the US. But their mission is more than that  Al’s Pals promotes awareness for Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities, and they partnered with BigPxl to develop a logo that represents their purpose and the big-hearted person behind it.

From Process to Perfection

Working closely with Alex and Brent over multiple iterations, BigPxl designer Ryan Saunders crafted a logo that hit all the right marks, showcasing Alex’s winning smile and his profound love for animals. The yellow and blue represent Down Syndrome awareness, while Alex’s shirt and the markings on his pets incorporate his favorite color, orange. Ryan’s illustrations give the logo a charm and warmth that is central to the Al’s Pals brand (check out their Facebook live streams to see what we mean!)

If you’re an emerging business building your new brand, or you just want a fresh look, partner with BigPxl to give new life to your logo.

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