Brand FAQ: Should You Pay for Cheap Logo Design?

The appearance of your brand — its logo, color palette, typeface, photography style, etc. — may be the last thing on your mind. After all, advertising, organic search, and inbound marketing more directly affect your bottom line.

We are often asked in consultations if choosing a cheap logo design from a freelancer or using free logo software is good enough. 

You may not be able to measure the quality of your brand design in one simple metric as you might with your cost per click, but your brand is worth far more than the risks and problems you can expect when paying for a job done quickly and cheaply.

Here are 3 reasons to be wary of cheap logo design offers.

1. Poor Communication

Logo design is much more than opening a graphics editor, choosing some colors, and arranging some shapes around your business name.

An experienced logo designer makes time to speak with you directly to learn about your business and its values — the things that should be reflected in a high-quality logo. Throughout the process, the designer should respond to your feedback with substantive changes that demonstrate they really understand what you’re after.

Cheap designers may only speak to you via direct messaging, if at all. Often, they ask that you provide some basic details about how you would like your logo to look, and then they’ll provide mockups. These designers often spend very little time on each project so they can churn out a higher volume of work.

In the process, they forgo the most important part of any brand design, which involves brainstorming, research, and taking the time to get to know your business and your customers.

2. Poor Creative Control

Talented designers with skill and experience will consult with you and offer their own input on your logo design, but ultimately, they know that the final decision is yours. They work with you to ensure your absolute satisfaction, even if it goes against their own style or preferences.

Cheap logo designers don’t stand to lose much if you are unhappy with what they produce, so it is less likely that they will produce high-quality work. Often, businesses will find that they send feedback to these designers only to receive a “revised” logo that looks similar to the previous one. They usually miss the mark, time and time again.

If you continue to submit changes and asking for something different from your budget logo designer, it’s possible they just don’t have the skill, time, or integrity to make something outstanding.

3. Lack of Originality

Cheap logo designers work quickly on a tight budget. Often, this means they cut corners by using stock elements, repurposing rejected elements from a previous logo project, or actually duplicating designs from one logo to another.

Your brand deserves originality, and in order to achieve a logo as unique as your business, invest in the talent and skill of a professional brand designer, not one of the many budget options you can find online. 

Talented, Authentic, Original — BigPxl

Ever since our own rebrand, we’ve helped many local and national brands reimagine their style with new and updated logos, and custom website designs. See our recent feature of the logo we developed for the subscription-based dog treat retailer Al’s Pals Pet Place, or the logo design for Logic & Valor we completed earlier this year. 

We have more projects in the works to share with you soon, so keep an eye on our blog for more!

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