BigPxl Featured Project: Vixory

Our recent collaboration with Vixory required a full array of brand design services, including a new logo, a brand identity guide, an amazing website, and a whole lot of custom development.

The innovative result is a unique platform where college athletes can further their athletic and academic careers. With Vixory, athletes can build a powerful online profile with stats, highlights, media, and achievements. This makes it easy for athletes to promote themselves and connect with coaches and recruiters. Through customized search filters, coaches and recruiters are able to find and contact talented athletes with the right skills to complete their team.

Changing the Game
One Pixel at a Time

Vixory started as a ground-breaking idea  and BigPxl’s design and development team made it into a game-changing platform with connectivity at its forefront.

The new logo, created by all-star designer Alex Solomon, represents the boldness, dynamism, and prestige of top-tier college athletics while remaining memorable and scalable for a variety of applications, including Vixory’s line of branded apparel.

The platform itself was hand-coded by our very own MVP developer, Mark Hill, who put all the pixels in place to help college athletes find their dream team.

We’re thrilled to have helped Vixory take their idea across the finish line, and we’d be thrilled to help you, too! If you have your own BIG idea for a new brand, share it with us! With comprehensive brand identity design and custom web development, BigPxl can make your dream a reality.

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