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The Start of Something BIG — JumpSIX Rebrands

You’ve seen the billboard, you’ve seen the social media posts, and the BIG day is finally here. Today, JumpSIX Marketing officially rebrands as BigPxl.

It’s been a long time coming: we’ve blown through more than our share of coffee pots, we’ve vetted hundreds of brand concepts, and we have definitely had a tiff or two over what brand best represents who we are, what we do, and just how excellently we execute it. In the end, there could be only one. Here’s a bit about how we arrived here.

In May, our leadership proposed a simple idea — let’s take JumpSIX to new heights. Rebranding was never the plan, but it became the only way forward. At first, we wanted a way to encapsulate and accelerate the awesome work our team members are capable of. We batted around ideas for company events, kicked around plans for flexible work hours, and eventually we started to ask ourselves — are we the same company we were four years ago? One year ago?

You’ve probably heard it said that “the digital landscape is constantly changing,” or “digital marketing is a fast-paced world where nothing remains static.” It’s true in some sense. The methods for achieving great work shift as search algorithms evolve. But ultimately, what works is what works. And what works is having a team of dedicated professionals who know the industry like the backs of their quickly typing hands, who are able to anticipate (and sometimes shrug off) the “rapidly shifting tectonics” of digital behavior.

With this in mind, we made the boldest decision we could muster: let’s change it all. Let’s build a new brand from the ground up — something that will truly represent our talent, our acumen, our precision, and our ambition. In the final vetting of brand concepts, an underdog rose to recognition.

That concept was BigPxl.

Fast forward half a year, and here we are. We humbly introduce ourselves now as BigPxl, where collaboration culminates into digital strategies worth more than the sum of their pixels. We put our people first because they drive us forward— from onboarding meetings to multi-site development and designs to extensive content campaigns and innovations we haven’t yet imagined.

BigPxl specializes in crafting solutions as singular as you are. We’re here, we’re all jacked up on caffeine, and we’re so ready to be your next partner in digital marketing. Hit us up today, and let’s make something BIG.

The BigPxl Launch Party Photos

BigPxl Announcement Event on 12/11/19

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