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Outsourced Marketing vs. Hiring In-House: What’s Better for Your Company?

When marketing your business, you want every dollar to count. Thanks to remote work and online tools, your options aren’t limited to hiring a marketing expert in-house.  You can outsource your marketing needs, often at a lower cost than hiring someone. 

In-house marketing and outsourcing your efforts have pros and cons, and it’s essential to carefully consider which option will be the best fit for your company. Keep reading to learn more.

Costs of Outsourced Marketing vs. Hiring In-House

When making a significant investment, the first things on your mind are the money you’ll spend and the return on your investment. One thing to note is that the average digital marketer’s salary is more than $64,000 a year, according to Indeed. How much will you invest in a year through an outsourced specialist?

The costs of your outsourced marketing depend on a few factors. How much marketing do you need? If it’s just two blogs written per month, that will cost less than a full-funnel marketing campaign.

Second, where is the outsourced partner located? A dedicated marketing agency in New York, California, or Illinois will probably cost more than one in Missouri, Kansas, or Iowa simply because the cost of living is greater, meaning those agencies on either coast need to pay their in-house people more in those localities to stay competitive. 

The key is to balance quantity and quality with an outsourced marketing partner. Determine how much marketing you need and the costs when hiring an agency. Going with the cheapest agency isn’t always the best policy, either. Can a low-cost, outsourced marketing agency deliver the high-level results you want? 

Time & Tools With Outsourced Marketing

How much time can you devote to marketing or hiring? How many automated marketing or analytics tools do you need to invest in? Do you know how to use the free tools you already have? What about using AI to further your marketing goals?

An outsourced marketing expert should already have the tools to help you create and analyze the campaigns you need, from persona development and strategy to execution and adjusting. You’ll have more time to focus on your core business model while the experts bring more qualified leads to your team.

The Expertise of Marketing Agencies

Your team may need more experience or knowledge of the latest marketing trends. Imagine having an entire team of marketing experts who have your back. 

The initial meeting with your outsourcing partner is crucial because you’ll get to ask initial questions before signing a contract. How many years of experience does the agency have? Who are the experts I’ll be working with? What KPIs will the team measure? Do you have any reviews or references?

Outsourced marketing grants businesses access to a pool of experts specializing in various marketing disciplines, from digital advertising and SEO to content strategy and complete inbound marketing funnels. This collaboration with seasoned professionals means that even niche marketing needs can be met with high proficiency without the commitment or costs associated with long-term, full-time hires.

It’s All About Scalability & Innovation

The ability to scale services based on demand provides unmatched flexibility, seamlessly accommodating seasonal market shifts or project-based needs. An outsourced marketing partner should be agile enough to pivot quickly, acting on your requirements to shift priorities.

Engaging with an external agency also injects an innovative perspective into campaigns. It leverages diverse industry experience to foster creative and effective marketing solutions that might be less accessible with a limited in-house team. 

That’s why you’ll get the most out of multidisciplinary experts at a marketing agency versus a singular hire who might have limited insights. Having an impartial third party examine your marketing efforts can interject new and exciting marketing ideas for your team to explore.

Collaboration & Communication Are the Keys

Your outsourced marketing partner must showcase a collaborative approach with your business. Remember, collaboration is a two-way street. The more insights and details a marketing agency knows about your business, the better your campaigns will be. That takes regular meetings, reporting efforts, and discussions between your company and the marketing agency. 

It is helpful to meet with your marketing experts once a week, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your goals. These discussions help your team and the outsourced marketing experts enhance and align your campaign goals, especially when they shift from quarter to quarter. 

This collaboration fosters a deeper understanding of your brand’s unique value propositions, ensuring that marketing strategies are meticulously tailored to reflect your company’s ethos and resonate with your target audience. 

The outsourced marketing team might want to talk to your sales team to gain their insights. Your customer service staff might offer additional knowledge to help shape the narrative of your brand’s storytelling. 

Make the Right Decision for Your Business

Choosing between in-house and outsourced marketing hinges on a detailed assessment of your company’s immediate and long-term needs. It involves a nuanced understanding of your financial flexibility, the depth of marketing expertise required, and how closely you want your marketing efforts to be integrated with your overall business strategy. 

BigPxl can help you build and adjust marketing campaigns for your company the right way from Day One. Contact us or call (417) 799-2233 for details.

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