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Brand Feature: Logic & Valor

Online, appearances really matter. Users take more time to review businesses of all types before making their buying decisions. They scan your website, your social profiles, read your reviews, and click through your photos.

Your business’ logo, typeface, color palette, and copy all impact the impression you give to those users. When they remain consistent and memorable across your entire online presence, users recognize your credibility and dedication to providing them a great experience.

Throughout this first half of 2020, we have had the fortune of helping a number of companies re-imagine their brands, from businesses in online security to hospice care and screen printing.

In January, the folks at Logic & Valor, a cyber threat management company, approached us with the desire to rebrand. They wanted something to communicate the seriousness of their work: running “attack day” scenarios to simulate security breaches, hunting security threats, and delivering exceptional security to small businesses.  

Here’s how BigPxl rose to the challenge for Logic & Valor.

Building the Brand

The initial phase of our branding work will vary based on our client’s needs. Logic & Valor came to us already with a name and a strong idea for their brand concept. Being in the field of cyber security, they needed an image that would communicate their dedication, reliability, and talent.

This meant a logo with sharp, geometric lines, a distinguished palette of colors, and bold, serious typeface. Check out some of our design teams’ initial concepts below.

Final Brand Concept

We settled with Logic & Valor on a final concept that hit all the right notes: assertive, powerful, and distinctive.

Branding From the Ground Up With BigPxl

Users are much more likely to engage with websites that appear credible and authoritative, which means your branding can make all the difference. Ever since our own rebrand, we’ve helped many businesses re-imagine their image, and we’re happy to have helped Logic & Valor do the same. 

If your small business has a need for airtight cyber security, check out Logic & Valor online. Or check out the logo we created for Dental 32, or our designs for Branson.com.

If your brand could use a refresh, or you just have an inkling of an idea,  BigPxl will help you build it.

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