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Digital Marketing Strategies for Economic Reopening

Last week, President Donald Trump and the coronavirus task force announced their 3-phase plan for reopening the US economy. The plan outlines particular criteria that states must meet before they can lift stay-at-home orders and closures of nonessential businesses.

As states across the country begin to reopen their economies, businesses are likely to find that consumers are hesitant to resume normalcy. While many businesses’ budgets have been impacted by the shutdown, digital strategies will be effective for reaching those consumers who are finally ready to shower, shave, and tiptoe into public again.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your business competitive throughout the 3 phases of reopening.

Build Trust with SEO

While businesses will be able to open again, many consumers may still choose to remain isolated, or at least be much more discerning about where and when they’ll visit retailers, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and the like.

Expect consumers to check your business information on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Keep this information accurate and consistent as you adjust business hours to accommodate continued physical distancing recommendations.

New site visitors will appreciate clear messaging about how your business is handling the process of reopening. Use banners or popups on your homepage to put your message front and center, and link to relevant content, services, or products that will be helpful for users during this difficult time. Make sure your content is relevant to the needs of your customers and optimized with valuable SEO keywording and link structures.

Businesses that sell and ship products online should be sure to update their users regularly about inventory shortages and shipping delays. Now is a great time to go the extra mile to make your customers happy. The positive reviews you acquire will have lasting benefits for your search rankings and for your customers.

Maximize Conversions with Inbound Marketing

Businesses across industries have experienced drops in traffic and conversions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It will take time for consumers to return to the marketplace, engage with brands, and convert as customers.

Now more than ever, understanding your business’s audience at the individual level will help nurture website visitors into new customers. With inbound marketing’s insights into user behavior and preferences, businesses can expect better qualified leads and better customer retention throughout each phase of reopening.

Stay Top-of-Mind with Paid Advertising

In the earliest phase of reopening, getting the word out through social ads will let audiences know you’re there and ready to accommodate them. Businesses who are able to serve their consumer base remotely will still benefit from Google Ads in this phase, while others will experience better ROI once they are open and operating as normal.

When states are able to progress to the second and third phases of reopening, it’s time to make the most of the goodwill earned through effective social advertising. Brands who play their advertising cards properly will be both top of mind and trusted by customers — an excellent position in a rebounding economy.

Shorten Social Distance with Social Media

Consumers enjoy the convenience of scanning the profiles of businesses on Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and others, before deciding if they’ll make an appointment or visit a location. 

Businesses can build trust and engagement with customers by keeping social media platforms up to date, consistent, and communicative. This will benefit your business in the short term and have lasting importance for your online presence. 

Try to respond to every social media post users make on your business profile. Be prompt, calm, and compassionate.

Find Ways to Engage

Engaging with local nonprofits is good for your business and good for your community. It helps businesses build relationships, establish their reputation, gather brand mentions through press coverage, and support good causes.

With unemployment reaching precarious numbers, many people are turning to nonprofits for support. Businesses can make a difference by getting involved with local organizations. Use these opportunities to post on social media channels and share your brand, logo, and messaging with broader audiences.

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Reopen BIG

The coronavirus pandemic and widespread stay-at-home orders have affected us all. After so many changes, life feels different, but the tenets of good online marketing remain the same. BigPxl is ready to help your brand, and your customers, return to normal. We’re a full-service agency with a knack for the spectacular, and we’d love to help you connect, and re-connect, with your customers.

Check out our work or give us a call today to see how we can make a difference for you.  

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