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New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing in 2024

What a year 2023 was for marketing. 

Twitter had an identity crisis, rebranded, and advertisers fled. Advertisers had to deal with not one but two Hollywood strikes lasting more than 100 days each. And no one can forget the headlines AI made not just in marketing but everywhere, thanks to ChatGPT. 

Take a breath. 

It’s about to be 2024, and plenty of exciting possibilities await your team as you grow.

Make some New Year’s resolutions for your marketing plans in 2024 as you plan the next year.

Be Authentic in Your Marketing

You’ve heard of being on brand. Just make sure your brand is authentic. The 2023 Word of the Year from Merriam-Webster is “authentic.” In the world of AI, more and more consumers want authentic brands in their lives, with 88% of audiences valuing brand authenticity. Be authentic with your brand’s voice, whether you’re fun, hip, chic, professional, serious, or seriously upbeat, fun and chic. 

After all, you only have one voice. Use it to connect with people.

Leverage AI Wisely

AI is a useful tool when used wisely. Many programs and software suites out there tap into AI’s power in various ways. But don’t expect AI to run your company anytime soon. 

Artificial intelligence is great at gathering data and creating fantastic-looking results. But humans still need to look over the final product. Marketers need to leverage their discernment, expertise, and knowledge to determine how best to move forward once the AI tool gives you results.

Post More on Social Media

Social media continues to be very popular with younger audiences. Facebook and TikTok are two that continue to be juggernauts. TikTok’s revenue from advertising was projected to reach $14 billion worldwide in 2023. That number may climb to $18.5 billion in 2024.

The key to any social media platform is to post videos, whether you pay for ads or post organically. But be genuine. People on social media prefer videos from people magnifying your brand in a natural way, no matter the source: you, your staff, influencers, or native advertising.

Find New Social Media Channels

Consider stretching your social media into new channels you haven’t thought of before. 

While Facebook is the “traditional” platform everyone flocks to, with nearly 3 billion monthly active users worldwide, younger generations love TikTok. This platform relies on viral trends to show top videos. Think of the Grace Kelly challenge that celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Pentatonix embraced and plenty of people posting Naatu Naatu dance videos that totaled 148 million views among all TikTokers.

Reddit is another alternative with a niche audience and unspoken rules. Think of this platform as a bulletin board where people can post questions, get answers and advice, and ask people for their opinions. But be prepared for some off-color humor and sarcasm on Reddit because that’s the nature of the platform.  

One no-no on Reddit is outright saying you’re selling something. If you do, people will shun your presence there. Rather, have an organic post with a photo that asks for advice from the readers. Say you’re selling toasters as an e-commerce website. You post a photo of burnt toast. You ask people on your post how to prevent burnt toast. And let nature take its course. You’ll get funny responses, insulting responses, and actual helpful advice.

Post More Videos

Post more videos in 2024. It makes your online presence more well-rounded. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do. You don’t need a fancy video set-up. Your target audience will think you’re more authentic if you use your smartphone to make a video. There are plenty of easy-to-use editing tools, and you can buy selfie sticks, a gimbal, and other physical tools to hold your smartphone steady as you shoot your videos. 

If you’re a restaurant owner, head to Facebook Live to post a message to your fans saying, “Anyone who heads here in the next 15 minutes gets $2 off our already low-priced special.” Or a boutique owner can showcase a video of the latest outfit that just arrived on the rack by posting a spontaneous fitting with an employee.

The creative possibilities are endless with video, and it’s easy once you start making them regularly.

Wishing You a Prosperous 2024 From BigPxl

The team at BigPxl wishes you and yours a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year in 2024.  We hope you grow beyond your wildest dreams in the coming year!

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