Mikayla Angeli

Operations Manager

Mikayla is the epitome of tenacity. As a child, she decided her career path would be in spy work. When her brother shredded the UPC codes she was saving for her very own Spy Kit, she spent hours taping the tiny pieces back together. She got that spy kit and the little Nancy Drew solved mysteries throughout the St. Louis area. Today, Mikayla is our own little problem solving sleuth, making sure clients get what they need. One of the major loves of Mikaya’s life is potato chips. This love, combined with her old spy skills, means if you have a bag of chips anywhere in the office, she will find them…and she will eat them.

Mikayla's Workiversary

February 8th

Mikayla's Favorite Place to Eat

Red Robin, Steak 'n Shake, anywhere there is a burger honestly...

Mikayla's Guilty Pleasure

Convenience Stores (And yes, Walgreens is better than CVS).

About Mikayla