Drew Owen

Managing Partner

A.K.A. Ringtone Dominator


Drew isn’t just one of Partners at BigPxl, he is also an Olympic task master and multi-tasker. Drew keeps all the pxls up in the air, offering support to his team in every way possible. He is a behind the scenes Ninja, getting things done to keep BigPxl growing. He brings a diverse background to his talents, boasting accolades as a certified financial planner, an agent for the MLB, and the only remaining member of the shock-rock band GWAR’s street team.

In his free time, Drew ruminates over life’s biggest religious and philosophical questions with a cigar in hand, plays with his two beautiful daughters, and roots for the Chiefs, Cardinals, and OKC Thunder. His favorite thing about working with BigPxl is getting to feel hip again. Rumor has it that he once dabbed so hard that haters within a 10-mile radius were silenced for days.

An avid sports fan, Drew’s favorite pastime is competing (and often losing) in Fantasy sports leagues. Married with two girls, Drew lives in total female domination and says he likes it that way! 

Drew's Workiversary

October 9th

Drew's Favorite Place to Eat

Bricktown Brewery

Drew's Guilty Pleasure

Tik Tok