Matt Giddings

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One of our quiet, methodical developers, Matt launches websites faster than a carrier ship in the middle of the Pacific. When he’s not in front of his computer, Matt can be found in front of his grill and smoker. He has a passion for grilling and he’s not ashamed of the many photos he’s taken of his savory masterpieces and sent them to just about anyone. He loves hanging out with friends. Matt has two claims to fame: his second cousin six times removed was one of the founding members of the Republican party and also worked shoulder-to-shoulder with President Lincoln on the Emancipation Act. If that doesn’t blow your mind, Matt likes to tell the time literally ran into Clifford Stoll at a Ham Radio Convention.

Matt's Workiversary

May 18th

Matt's Favorite Place to Eat

Smoking meat or grilling at home

Matt's Guilty Pleasure

About Matt

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