Lori Miller

UI/UX Manager

We love Lori for her flashiness for design, but fun fact: Lori has been struck not once, but twice by lightning. She also has found hundreds of 4-leaf clover’s. Lori started her career as a marine biologist and conservationist, later finding her love for design and art. She is married and lives in the country with her husband, two kids and lots of animals. Her guilty pleasures include tacos and spicy food…and tequila. For someone who’s been hit by lightning twice, we think tequila might be in order. Lori is a graphic designer for BigPxl, creating beautiful websites every day.

Lori's Workiversary

June 28th

Lori's Favorite Place to Eat

Bambu Vietnamese Cuisine

Lori's Guilty Pleasure

Buying too many art supplies

About Lori

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