Jeff Sneed


A.K.A. El Jefe

Jeff Sneed co-founded BigPxl back when Pearl Jam was still cool. As “El Jefe”, Jeff keeps the lights on, invoices going out and money coming in. He greets employees every morning with a hearty and enthusiastic ‘Mornin!” A huge car enthusiast, one could say he is the “the motor” that keeps BigPxl running smoothly.

In his free time, Jeff dreams about redlining supercars out on the open road and the power one feels while pressure-washing his driveway. Jeff is a proud father to his kids, in whom he’s instilled one of life’s most important lessons: to shut the car door gently.

In his spare time, you can spot Jeff sporting about town, proudly flashing the only license plate in Missouri that says ‘bigpxl’.

Passionate about knowing people and building teams, Jeff has been central to the success of BigPxl over the years.







Jeff's Workiversary

Sept 15

Jeff's Favorite Place to Eat


Jeff's Guilty Pleasure

Just about all types of candy.

About Jeff

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