David Watson

Media Producer

A.K.A. Shutter Release Tech

David started his professional career in healthcare as a revenue cycle analyst. But it was his love for photography that spurred him to start a side business photographing weddings and events. He would further this career by moving into video production and movies.  He’s shot several short films, 3 feature length films, and almost 50 weddings…making him a reel (pun intended) deal. His guilty pleasures include listening to Garth Brook’s songs while consuming massive amounts of gummy snacks. David is one of two extremely talented videographers for the Pxl. You can see his work on the BigPxl YouTube channel!

David's Workiversary

August 23rd

David's Favorite Place to Eat

Cracker Barrel, Chick-fil-A, or Texas Roadhouse

David's Guilty Pleasure

Gummy snacks, Garth Brooks, The Office, or playing The Forest

About David

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