Austin Wiegard

Media Producer

When he was a little boy, Austin wanted to be an actor. This would later almost, kind-of-but-not-really become reality when his legs appeared in a movie for a split second. He will tell you that this does in fact count, making him famous. He does sign autographs. When he’s not indulging in bingeing the Housewives franchise, you can find Austin enjoying movies, reading, taking part in outdoor activities and capturing great moments on video. A recent graduate of Missouri State University, Austin has a degree in Film and Television Production. He now works for BigPxl as a videographer, telling amazing stories through video…all while drinking really good coffee.

Austin's Workiversary

September 13th

Austin's Favorite Place to Eat

Triple 8's

Austin's Guilty Pleasure

Bad reality TV. Specifically, The Housewives Franchise. (this is embarrassing for me to admit)

About Austin

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